ZenMatcha Crepes with Red Bean Paste

1 1/2 - cups milk
6 - tablespoons sugar
8 - teaspoons green tea powder (matcha)
2 - eggs
1 - cup all-purpose flour
14 - ounces red bean paste
Cool Whip or ice cream

Add milk, sugar and matcha powder to bowl.
Whisk together until matcha is completely dissolved.
Whisk eggs in one at a time.
Add flour while continually whisking to prevent lumps. Additional milk may be used if batter is too thick.
Heat shallow crepe pan over high heat.
Add enough butter to lightly coat pan (~1 teaspoon), or use oil spray.
Pour half a cup of crepe batter into pan and move pan around to spread evenly.
After 10-15 seconds, flip the crepe to finish cooking.
Fill crepe with red bean paste (or other toppings) and fold over all sides.
Serve with cool whip or ice cream.
Dust with additional matcha powder if desired.

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