Hand Made Matcha Bowls

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Hand-made by Lauren Street of “Boulder Mountain Clayworks,” the renowned pottery studio in Ketchum, Idaho.

Individually thrown following the ancient art of Japanese Stoneware pottery, using traditional shapes and textures, these beautiful bowls are reminiscent of those used in the ancient Japanese tea ceremony.  The bottom of each bowl is scored in a raised spiral to better blend your whisked Zen Matcha.

Each bowl is unique and is glazed to perfection, providing the ideal way for you to enjoy your ZenMatcha tea. With such an amazing range of colors, subtle pattern variations, and slight differences in capacity, our wonderful bowls are thrown and glazed to follow a form and tone, yet each bowl is a unique work of art.  You are unique, your matcha practice is uniquely yours, as should be your matcha bowl.  As is said of the mandala, it is a circle holding all it cannot contain.  Such is the richness of each savored sip of Zen Matcha.

Enjoy the clean, simple “Zen” experience of drinking ZenMatcha Tea!

Of course, if you would like more than one bowl of a particular style, please write us a note at check-out if you would like us to try to “match” your bowls into a set. Please note this will be very relaxed matching of similar colors and tones, as each of our bowls is truly a unique creation.